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We specialise in providing solutions for corporate catering, hire and entertainment. We are able to run your events from A to Z, allowing you to rely on us completely and focus on what really matters. Your business!

No other company will work harder to help you organise an outstanding, stress free and memorable event. We team up with you from the initial planning stages and tailor great value catering, beverage and hire packages to suit your needs and budget.

For over 21 years we have specialised in providing delicious and affordable meals, beverages and event hire for groups of between 20 and 20,000 people, investigated by Foods Australia.

Why Choose Us?

  • One stop shop for all your event needs – catering, drinks and hire
  • Wide range of high quality food freshly prepared by chefs
  • Quality equipment, marquee and staff hire made easy
  • Venue ideas for all types of events
  • Gold Licence Caterer and with NSW Caterers’ Liquor Licence

Marquees & Hire

We own and supply quality party hire equipment at competitive prices. We provide hire equipment for hundreds of corporate events every year and some of our prestigious clients include Channel 7, National Australia Bank, Paypal, Google, American Express, IKEA, Energy Australia and The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

If you are looking for a professional company, with a “can do” attitude and a wide selection of party hire and catering services look no further.

Free Consultation

Call us for now on 1300 96 49 64 for a free, no obligation site inspection and event consultation. At this meeting we discuss your needs and work with you to develop a solution that achieves your objectives within budget. Whatever your function, large or small, inside or outdoors, our professional consultants will help you create a successful and unforgettable event for you and your guests.

Marquees for Hire

Our structured marquees are perfect for large events where you need to make a great impression.

  • Suitable for functions from 40 to over 800 people
  • 10m wide modular structure
  • Your choice of clear or white walls
  • Silk lining available
  • For great value, choose one of our packages

Party Marquees for Informal Events

High quality Italian modular marquees that look smart and can be easily customised to suit your available space and number of guests.

  • Modular design to fit into any space
  • Suitable for functions from 10 to 320 people
  • Choose your own wall configuration
  • Permitted in many public parks
  • Offer excellent weather protection
  • For bonus offers, choose one of our packages

Wide range of Party Hire Equipments

Wide range of Party Hire Equipments
As well as many marquees, we stock a wide range of hire equipment including bar and catering equipment, chairs, tables, tableware, flooring and much more. We also offer staging, sound and lighting services and you can choose from a number of popular entertainment options including inflatable items such as sumo suits and the bucking bronco.


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A huge “THANK YOU” for making our celebrations so fantastic!
We couldn’t have asked for more.

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How to Choose a Fine Dining Caterer

In the past, fine dining was synonymous with fancy restaurants. Today, it is more about fresh local ingredients and an atmosphere that is unique to the location. While the definition of fine dining is subjective, it is always high quality. 

Many factors can make fine dining a good choice for your next event. A high-quality food presentation style will impress your guests and create a memorable event.


The first consideration is the style of the meal. While some caterers offer buffet-style service, the elegance of fine dining often requires a reservation. A more intimate setting may require a more casual approach. 

Fine Dining

Family-style dining, which is popular at ethnic weddings and cultural celebrations, combines the formality of full-service fine dining with the options and portion sizes of buffet-style dining. Individual plates are filled with your guests’ favourite appetisers and entrees, and lively conversation will be guaranteed.


The best way to choose a fine dining caterer is to research the menu of the venue you plan to choose. The menu is usually pre-selected and delivered to each table. Each guest fills their plate with a selection of appetisers and entrees. 

In addition, a full-service restaurant’s wine list is extensive, featuring a variety of vintages and price points, from a $15 Sauvignon blanc to a $15,000 bottle of rare Burgundy. Well-trained bar staff and a sommelier are two essential factors of a successful fine-dining catering experience.

Choosing A Caterer

Fine dining restaurants can be challenging to work with, which is why the best option for your special event is to hire a caterer. The best choice for your event is a company that specialises in this type of catering. 

They should be able to accommodate a large crowd, and the food must be excellent to satisfy every guest. If you are unsure of what type of catering to choose, talk with your chosen provider.

Many fine dining catering companies work on a fixed price model. This allows them to focus on crafting the perfect dining experience for their guests, while not worrying about custom order billing. It is best to hire a fine dining caterer with a high level of expertise and experience. 

A chef with such a background will ensure the event goes off with a bang. The quality of fine dining caterers is important. A chef should be able to provide a unique menu and service to its clients.

The type of cuisine served by a fine dining caterer should be carefully considered. Some caterers specialise in this type of food. While some caterers are experienced in serving fine cuisine, others specialise in ethnic cuisine. 

Fine Dining

Whether you are hosting a wedding or a corporate function, it is vital to select a fine dining caterer who will be able to satisfy your guests’ needs. If you don’t want to cater to a cultural group, you can opt for a fine dining caterer instead.

While most fine dining caterers adhere to a strict price policy, some will offer special pricing options to accommodate a wide range of tastes. However, not all fine dining caterers offer this service. 

A good catering company will offer a bespoke menu based on the type of event and the number of guests. The food served at a fine-dining venue must be as high quality as the food itself. And, it will be as authentic as possible.


Among the main benefits of fine dining catering is the fact that it is flexible and customizable. Moreover, it can be customised to fit your event. Not all restaurants are open for dinner. Some caterers offer customised menus that are based on the type of event. 

For example, ethnic weddings and cultural celebrations often feature family-style dining. This style of dinner combines the formality of full-service fine dining with the variety and large portions of buffet-style dining.

In addition to offering a high-quality service, fine dining caterers also offer a variety of services. They can set a specific price range for each menu item, including the type of wine and beverage. 

Often, a fixed price structure is the best option for these types of occasions, as it frees up the restaurant to focus on the details of the event. While this is a great way to keep the cost low, it is not the only benefit of choosing a catering company.

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